Simplified maximizes the impact of your online video. Use our intuitive video SEO tools to create the optimal metadata, microdata and sitemap through a quick and simple process featuring:

Video Analysis
Get started with information automatically extract from your video.

Best Practice Tips
See advice at every step to ensure accurate, comprehensive and effective optimization of your video.

Page Metadata
Compose optimal page title, description and keyword tags to attract search engine users.

Video Metadata
Produce the optimal video embed code, title, description and keywords to interest more viewers.

Facebook Open Graph Microdata
Generate title, description, thumbnail, width, height and URL information to define how your video appears in social shares and where it links.

Schema.org Video Microdata
Create rich snippet tags including headline, caption, thumbnail, author and publisher information to stand out and improve click through rates in search results.

Author and Publisher Tagging
Automatically tag videos with your Facebook Page, Google+ author and publisher information to ensure you get credit as the source of the video.

Video Sitemap Automation
Automate the management and syndication of your video sitemap, ensuring your videos are always correctly indexed.

YouTube Video Optimization
Easily optimize and publish metadata directly to YouTube.

Optimization Status
See your optimization progress and whether your optimized tags and sitemap are live on your site.

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