Video SEO Introduction

An Introduction to Video Search Engine Optimization

The Importance of Online Video

Video is the richest, most engaging form of online content. It transmits the most information in the shortest amount of time.

Given a choice, most people prefer to watch a short video over reading a long page of text. With steadily cheaper equipment for production and ever greater bandwidth for delivery, online video content will represent 90% of web data by 2014 according to Cisco Systems.

The Optimization of Online Video

However, video content is invisible to search engines. They only can read text. Not only that, search engines prefer each video on its own web page containing descriptive text — and all videos on your website catalogued in their own sitemap. This way users see relevant video links in response to their search queries.

Without optimizing your video in this manner, it is difficult to expand your audience, increase consumption of your content, promote your videos across the web, and earn money or recognition from them. The trouble is that manually generating descriptions of video in the required formats is time-consuming, repetitive and error prone. So, video search engine optimization (SEO) is challenging, expensive, but essential.

To address this problem, Simplified developed an innovative web application featuring video SEO tools with an intuitive, step-by-step process to enable users to optimize their own video. Business owners, video producers and marketers can now maximize the impact of online video by optimizing it according to best SEO practices.

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